Japonesca.com: Japanese culture and language in spanish.

presentacion japonesca.com


It’s for me a plasure introducing you my soanish version of japonesca, where I blog on Japanese and Spanish culture:  JAPONESCA.COM

What you can find in this site:

One big key for this blog is Japanese language, its reading and writing, both very difficult for the occidental student.About japanese language, I like very much kanji, the Japanese symbols imported from China, and I’ve built a “kanji world” around them, through their analysis, practicing it in japanese calligraphy with sumi-e called shodou, even in my handcraftship that I sell on Etsy.

For those who want to study Japanese language into spanish, I made available three e-books on japanese writing: Kana with “Cuadernos Japonesca: Hiragana al detalle” (the first writing in japanase language that works phonetically), “Cuadernos Japonesca: Katakana al detalle” (kana used to write foreign words), and a Spanish-Japanese dictionary: “Kanji japonés: Diccionario y Guía de estudio”, with a very good selection of examples to apply in conversation.


cartel japones

cartel japones ejemplo de escritura japonesa


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