Hachimaki for winners: Neymar is wearing it from his childhood!.

My favourite soccer team, Barça (from Barcelona, spain), has won the European Champions League, and it’s for me a reason to be glad. But on top of this, I felt happy watching Neymar’s pictures in the Newspapers, having a hachimaki, that if it’s not one of my collection, I think he is a wonderful model for this practical accesory.
He looks great:
neymar winner wearing his hachimaki
Image taken from this link:

In his hachimaki, that he wears from his childhood, it’s written 100%Jesus, his religious belief.
My congratulations to the whole Barça team! Força Barça!.


My way in japanese style headband, “hachimaki”.

Because of my afecction to japanese culture and the handcraftship, a few months ago I started making japanese style headbands, called “hachimaki”. And as it occurs in every creative knowledge, there were (and there will be) different stages.
I started hachimakis, with this one for my son: For the lettering, I choose the kanjis that mean “my treasure, beloved baby”.

japanese headband by Japonesca
My first professional work was for taiko drummers, here you have a sample. With the logo for taiko, and words related to this discipline, like “taiko” (drum) or “kobu” (inspiration, encouragement).

But recently, thanks to a friend that asked for it painted in his hachimaki, I started the line Animalia. Animals painted in the hachimaki, inspired in oriental tradional paintings and my practice as entrtainer in painting children’s faces. Here you can see it.

A horse painted in Japonesca's way for this japanese headband.

A horse painted in Japonesca’s way for this japanese headband.

The name of John translated into Japanese. In the middle the tiger by Japonesca.

The name of John translated into Japanese. In the middle the tiger by Japonesca.


Dragonfly inspired in japanese traditional painting in this hachimaki

You can see more models in my shop in Etsy.
Those models of hachimakis are for sale in my Etsy shop.

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