Starting the english version for Japonesca.

Kakemono for the name of Irene, that means "peace"

Kakemono for the name of Irene, that means “peace”

Hi everybody,
From now on, Japonésca’s site is gonna be translated into english in this blog.
That’s what I do:
I’m spanish Japanese specialist, and I’ve written three books on japanese writing: about kana writing are “Cuadernos Japonesca: Hiragana al detalle” (Japonesca’s notebooks: detailed hiragana),”Cuadernos Japonesca: Katakana al detalle” (Japonesca’s notebooks: detailed katakana), and “Kanji japonés: Diccionario y guía de estudio”(A dictionary and students guide for japanese kanji).
In other hand , I’m practicing japanese callygraphy shodou, designing japanese names for occidental people, and handmade typical japanese hachimaki (headband), and kakejiku (wallscrolls).
I work hard in my cultural exchange, and offer seminars and speechs on japanese language, trying to mix spanish and japanese culture to get to know each other.

That's my japoanese style seal

That’s my japoanese style seal

I hope the contents I publish in the english version will be grateful for you, english speaker.


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